Monday, October 16, 2017

#865 RUIZ - LAND ROVER SANTANA GRÚA (Around 1983 or 1997)

I already talked about this type of toy in a previous entry (see #574). I recently got these two cars in a flea market, but I haven't found the old Ruíz vehicles I had as a kid. I will find them soon, no worries.

In between I will publish this entry about Ruiz. In the old entry I said that the company still exists, but this has to be clarified. Apparently, the current "Baratijas Ruiz" was founded in 1997, so, it is probably a new foundation of the old company. They are still based in Zaragoza and they produce the same toys than 40 years ago, but unfortunately, they do not have a website.

So, for the time being, we won't be able to find any further information about the company, I wish they start their own web with a nice "About Us" section, and they explain the whole history of both the old Ruíz and the new Ruíz.

I just caught this picture from Google Maps. It is their current location on Zaragoza (Ctra. Castellón Km. 3,7 Nave 5). Only a small sign at the door indicates Baratijas Ruiz.

Everytime I find a toy company that is active since so many years, or that still produce toys that were produced when I was I kid, I feel happy and I wish they stay in the business for a very long time.

I cannot say if my two new Land Rovers were made in the 80s, or sometime between 1997 and 2017, but in this case, I don’t care, I like them very much.

  • Scale: Approx. 1:64
  • Year: Around 1983 or 1997
  • Company: Ruíz (Spain)
  • Size: approx. 6 cm

Friday, October 13, 2017



This is a simple keyring made by Yolanda with the Mascot of the TV show “Un, Dos, Tres”. The name of the pumpkin is Ruperta, and we already know her from a previous entry (#217).

Yolanda/Comansi probably got a license from the TV program to produce merchandising, and they made the funny pumpkin in several sizes and in several forms, and also painted or unpainted. The figures shown in the article in the link are the smallest ones, this keyring is way bigger, maybe around the size of a table tennis ball.

The metallic ring and the short chain that binds it to the plastic figure have a good quality, but I wonder how resistant the plastic ring is, in which the keychain is attached… It looks very very weak.

  • Toy Line: Un, Dos, Tres (TV Quiz Show)
  • Year: 1991
  • Company: Yolanda (Spain)
  • Size of the figure: Around 4 cm

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

#863 CORGI CUBS - JEEP (Nr. 501) (1977)

The Corgi Cubs were cars in the classic 1:43 scale size made with very few details, plain colours and simple and robust construction (no windows, plastic base, durable axles…)

The construction also reveals that Corgi was trying to produce these models as cheaply as possible, and so, the way the axles are attached to the chassis is cheap and kind of new. In the base there is some indication about a patent that has been applied and many collectors think this patent may refer to the way that the axles are attached to the plastic base.

They are based in very generic designs that do not depict any known (real) model. There are many different types of vehicles: trucks, lorries, vans, cars, helicopters, sport cars, race cars, hatchbacks and also the Jeep (ATV) shown in this entry. After all, small children rarely interest themselves for the real cars their toys represent, they want to have different types at early ages. Later things change.

And because things change, adults collectors do not like this series. Being “fantasy” cars has made that most collector do not even consider these toys. They just focus on the other Corgi series.

The Cubs models are actually rare, they were only sold during +/- 2 years, and then they disappeared. Probably they didn’t sold very well, and they were withdrawn from the catalogue. Despite being rare, they can be bought for very little money.

I am happy with my Jeep, I don’t think I would buy any other model from the series.

  • Name: JEEP (Nr. 501)
  • Scale: Around 1:43
  • Year: 1977
  • Company: Corgi Toys (United Kingdom)
  • Size: 9.5 cm

Saturday, October 7, 2017

#862 HOOK - LOST BOY ACE (1991)

It surprises me how cheap are some figures of this series today... surely they produced way too many figures that remained unsold, despite the success of the movie.

I bought this figure recently for very very little money. I like the figures, and I wanted to have and look at one card. It was not in very good shape, but the price and my chance to open the package and have a figure with all its accessories made me buy it. Needless to say, that accesories from this toyline are very difficult to find, so it is better to buy the figures 100% complete.

Ace is one of the Lost Boys, and it looks very similar to the character in the movie, with its distinctive hat. The figure character seems slightly older, since the actor who played the role was a teenager, maybe 15 years old or so.

The figure came with a stab simulating being made of wood and a backpack of thin plastic that can spit water. The backpack will probably deteriorate after some years, but at the moment is perfect. I will not put water inside, because it will get dirty inside and then it will deteriorate faster.

The card is multilingual and has a back catalogue showing all figures, as well as the instructions for the action feature at the left side of the backcard.

I have taken a few pictures at the forest. Hope you like them.

You can also see two more figures in entry #440.

  • Name: ACE (LOST BOY)
  • Toy Line: Hook (Wave 1)
  • Year: 1991
  • Company: Mattel (U.S.A.)
  • Size of the figures: Around 12 cm

Friday, October 6, 2017

#861 PLAYWELL - DOME-0 (Around 1982)

This car was presented a long time ago by mistake. I don´t know why, I presented it together with some Holly models, that, to my knowledge, has no relation to Playwell at all. I was probably confused by the scale, similar bulky construction and pull-back motor.

The car is very interesting, since there are very few reproductions of this car made in small scale. Actually, and to my embarrasement, I had never seen this car before, I didn't know it existed.

There seems to be two different Playwell companies separated in time a few decades. The first one, called Playwell Toy Inc. was based in Hong-Kong and produced all kind of times sometime during the 70s and the 80s. The second Playwell was based somewhere in the Middle East and started its production in 2001. The company we are talking about here is the first one, and this car is probably from the early 80s.

  • Name: DOME-0
  • Scale: 1:45
  • Year: Around 1982
  • Company: Playwell (Hong-Kong)
  • Size: approx. 9 cm

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

#860 GOZÁN - CAMIÓN CON CUBA - SERIE FURIA (Ref. 162) (Around 1980)

This truck is clearly inspired in the Tonka trucks, licensed in Spain by Rico and sold under the brand “Sansón”, “Mini Sansón” and similar names. I assume Gozán simply tried to compete with Rico producing a similar toy, with a more modern design. The Gozán series called “Furia” were also extremely robust, and made of similar components than the Rico toys.

My unit comes from an old toy shop, it is mint in its box, although the window is slightly broken.

At the back and sides of the box, there are other references. This list also includes references from other boxes.
  • Ref. 160 – Camión Volquete
  • Ref. 162 – Camión con Cuba
  • Ref. 164 – Camión Grúa
  • Ref. 165 – Camión Hormigonera
  • Ref. 166 – Camión de Basura (same as 162)
  • Ref. 167 – Camión  Excavadora
  • Ref. 168 – Camión Lanzamisiles
  • Ref. 169 – Camión Plataforma con 2 Motos
  • Ref. 194 – Camión Plataforma con Bulldozer
  • Ref. 195 – Camión Plataforma con Apisonadora

There were also other series with different sizes and lengths (some were longer trailer trucks, like a car transport that was loaded with nice Formula Ones from the late 70s, Mini 1000s, Motorbikes, Tanks and Jeeps, Renault 5s…).

Some of these include:
“Serie Tigre” (Around 1972)
“Serie Coloso” (Around 1972)
“Serie Bronco” (Around 1972)
“Serie Tigre 2000” (Around 1979)

All toys have the name of the series written in the tin in the front part, inside the cabin, and also in the base.

Do not mistake the “Serie Furia” by Gozán with the “Serie Furia” by Gusival.

  • Name: CAMIÓN CON CUBA - SERIE FURIA (Ref. 162)
  • Year: Around 1980
  • Company: Gozán (Spain)
  • Size: approx. 12 cm

Saturday, September 30, 2017

#859 G.I. JOE - BREAKER and ROCK ‘N ROLL (1982)

Getting figures from the first wave is not that easy. They are more fragile than the average figure, and are often found with broken thumbs, and include extremely small accesories (lots of transparent visors in their helmets, or like in the Rock´N Roll case, a small bipod that are easily lost.

I got Breaker a long time ago in an exchange with a fellow collector, and Rock ‘N Roll was recently bought to an eBay seller from Greece. With these two, I can already make one entry dealing with the first wave of G.I.Joe.

As in most action figure toylines, the first wave is rather small, toy companies do not want to make a great investment, if they do not know for sure that the toyline will sell well. Sometimes they use simplified designs to reduce costs, or even change some parts or make them with different cheaper materials.

In the case of G.I.Joe: ARAH, the first wave consisted of 9 figures, later expanded to 11, plus a few vehicles (with 4 drivers) and a mail-in figure. The way to save costs here was to re-use body parts from one figure to the next, and so, almost every figure has the same waist, there are only a few chest parts, and even some heads are used more than once.

Moreover, almost all figures are camo green and, still, it is possible to recognise all figures because of their distinctive features. At the beginning, G.I.Joe wanted to keep the spirit of the original G.I.Joes from the 60s and the 70s: they are all quite military, although with some news: Beside size, figure type and the obvious stuff, the most important is probably that now, there would be a group of bad guys belonging to a terrorist organisation trying to rule the world, and this opens the chance to introduce much fictional characters, plots and weapons. At the begininng it was maybe not intended, but as the waves were released, the characters and their bios were each time more and more fantastic.

Of course there´s the straight arms (and the not-yet-improved shoulders)... I guess Hasbro was thinking in saving some money here, since the swivel arm articulation was already used in some toylines before. The swivel arms requires a greater number of parts in the arms of the figure but it is more stable and has a better durability.

When the toyline proved itself to be profitable, Hasbro released all figures again with improved swivel arms and shoulders (the whole arms were new designed, and the crotch was made less bulky). That was in 1983, all swivel arm versions of the figures in wave 1 are known within collectors as v1.5, that is more or less a variation of the v1s.

  • Name: BREAKER v1  and ROCK ‘N ROLL v1
  • Toy Line: G.I. Joe (Wave 1)
  • Year: 1982
  • Company: Hasbro (U.S.A.)
  • Size of the figures: 9,5 cm (3 3/4'')

Thursday, September 28, 2017


And continuing the previous entry, here are three more mini quartetts from the same series, year and similar themes.

FEUERSTÜHLE (Motorbikes)

ALLRAD (4x4)

HEIßE ÖFEN (Motorbikes)

This set of cards seems to be an update of Feuerstühle, since most of the cards are the same. Probably this one was released a couple of years, later, maybe around 1990.

The instructions are printed at the back of the cover card.

  • Name: SUPER TRUMPF (MINIS) - FEUERSTÜHLE (No. 56513.1), ALLRAD (No. 56513.1), HEIßE ÖFEN (No. 56511.7)
  • Year: 1988
  • Company: FX Schmid (Germany)
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